Experience the beauty of Wilkes County through the eyes of a passionate local artist.

A passion born from adversity.

As a Wilkes County native Jamie Hamlin has a degree in Art Marketing but more importantly a deep love for art. However, life took an unexpected turn when he experienced a major stroke. It was during this challenging time that he realized it was the perfect opportunity to dedicate himself fully to his art.

Capturing the essence of Wilkes County.

The history of Wilkes County is Jamie’s current muse, and inspiration for his paintings. From the iconic train depot, to the majestic Liberty Theatre, Jamie strives to bring these historic landmarks to life on canvas. In the future, Jamie plans on exploring other subjects such as Lincoln Heights and our beloved Winston Cup Racetrack.

A portrait artist with heart.

Over the years, Jamie has had the privilege of creating hundreds of commissioned portraits. Each brushstroke is guided by a deep appreciation for capturing the essence and personality of his subjects.

Own your own copy!

A unique gift for any occasion

Whether you’re a fan of art, history, or simply want to add a touch of elegance to your home or office, this Liberty Theatre watercolor is the perfect choice. Its versatile design makes it an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion.

An affordable treasure and supporting local!

We believe that art should be accessible to everyone. That’s why Jamie is offering this remarkable Liberty Theatre watercolor at an incredibly affordable price of just $50.00. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a work of art.

The Liberty Theatre is just helping Jamie share his art, all purchases will be directly with Jamie. He can be reached at the contact details below or fill out the form and he will reach out to you. Thank you for supporting an amazing local artist!

Jamie Hamlin- jamie7345@gmail.com

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