Celebrate 91 Years of Memories at Liberty Theatre

Share Your Story and Be Part of Our Rich History

A Place of Memories, a Stage for Stories

For 91 years, Liberty Theatre has been more than just a building. It’s a place where memories were made, laughter echoed through the halls, and dreams came to life on stage. We want to hear your Liberty Theatre story!

Preserving the Legacy Together

We believe that every person who has walked through the doors of Liberty Theatre holds a unique story waiting to be shared. Help us capture the essence of our theater’s history by reaching out to your friends, family, and community members. Encourage them to share their experiences, anecdotes, and cherished moments at Liberty Theatre.

A Community Treasure

By sharing these stories, we ensure that the spirit of Liberty Theatre lives on for generations to come. Your contributions will be showcased on our website for all to enjoy and rediscover the magic that has unfolded within these walls.

Your Story Matters

Whether you witnessed unforgettable performances or had personal connections with the actors and staff, every story adds depth and richness to our theater’s legacy. Embrace this opportunity to be part of something greater than ourselves – preserving our shared history.

Join Us in Celebrating 91 Years

The Liberty Theatre has stood as a pillar in North Wilkesboro for nearly a century. Help us honor its past by sharing your memories today. Together, we can create a tapestry of stories that encapsulates the true soul of Liberty Theatre.

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